Wow.. hey there! If you are reading this then it means that you are interested in helping us to write in the News section. This enlightens my heart.

We never have too much writers so your help is appreciated A LOT .. Before we go into some details, let me throw this out of the door...

We currently do not have the funds to make this a full or part-time job.. However, in the future we might need somebody like this and it's very likely that this person will be somebody who has been in the community a long time. When you are searching for a job in writing then you will also be able to show off your the work that you made here and I will happilly be your reference.

So basically.. this means that you will not be paid in cash... But if you really require some things ( like a horror game maybe? ;) ) then I'm sure that we can work something out.

Pfhew! I'm glad that you're still with me .. Now let's get into some details!

When you write a news post your name will always be displayed near the title. When clicking on your name the user will be directed to a page to our website. On this page you can write whatever you want (Except naughty stories)! Do you want to talk about your blog? About yourself? Do you want to share your facebook page or donation page? Maybe you would like users to become your patron?

Now.. what can you write about? Well.. basically, anything related to Horror Games. So this can include:

  • News related to an upcoming game,
  • Your speculations about an interview with some developer that you read/watched sometime ago,
  • Top 10 posts (top 10 zombie games, top 10 scary games of 2014,...),
  • Game Reviews/Previews,
  • Some tips for a certain horror game,
  • ...

We would not like you to post: Horror Stories or things unrelated or too far fetched from Games.

Now.. If you're still interested (I hope so!) then kindly mail us by using our contact page.

Thank you so much for considering joining the team!