ScaredToPlay is a community based website about horror games.

The idea was to have a all-in-one website where you can find everything there is to find about a certain horror game. You are able to browse,search,rate and review any game you fancy.

At this moment we are not running any advertisements and we would like to keep it this way. But development,maintaining and running the website are all very costly and time consuming. So instead of advertising we have decided to give you the option to buy the game from our website by clicking on the platform text in a game page. And will then have the choice between Amazon and Kinguin to buy the game and we will receive a very small percentage of your purchase which will hopefully be enough to cover everything! So please consider doing this when thinking about buying your game. We'd appreciate it and it will help us bring you more awesome content in the future, (plus, this is a pashion of ours, but writers need to eat too!)

If you are interested into helping the community by writing, then you should read our Become a Writer page.

We have some special thanks, too, the main group that helped us create this website is Giant Bomb, and we'd like to thank them for providing their API.

We worked hard, so hope that you will enjoy your stay here!