After a 8+ hours of playing Zombi I finally feel that I've seen everything that the game has to offer, I have both negative and positive feedback for Zombi. If the release of Zombi a sudden surprise for you then you may want to read this, the announcement for this game by Ubisoft 2 weeks ago.

Now let's get to business and get started with this review!



While the graphics of the WiiU version of Zombi (ZombiU) weren't really mentioned, the next-gen version Zombi did have some updates here-and-there.

I was pretty disappointed to see that the graphical settings are missing for the pc version, only basic settings like resolution,brightness,.. are adjustable.


Zombi graphics Menu


With the exception of some lightning adjustments I didn't really notice a lot of difference in the next-gen version of Zombi.



Zombi is all about survival, which can be tricky from time to time. In the beginning you will notice that they will throw quite some loot at you, you may want to hold on to that as you might need this for a rainy day in the future. Same can be said for the pistol and pistol ammo, treasure every last bullet!

So how will you survive without using up too much loot? If you are new to Zombi(U) then you will have to meet your new friend.. The stick. Yes, the stick will be used to bash in the head of hundreds of Zombies by the time you finish your game. But you have to be very careful, if you have played Bloodborne then you will be used to the "Attack & Run" method, if not.. the term says it all.. Bash their head and take a step back, bash their head and take a step back,...


Zombi Melee Combat


But while you are bashing and taking a step back, ensure you don't back into a zombie, since it will probably take a big chuck out of your flesh that may result in a game over.. From time to time you will also be greeted with a one-hit-kill bite from your enemy, when that happens it's game over.

If you have selected the normal mode then a game over means that you will respawn as a new character, and your previous character will now be your enemy.. a zombie. In order to take back your loot you will have to kill your former self and loot him.

To prevent this one-hit-kill bite you are equipped with a radar, by pressing the "T" button a moving red line will launch across your map that will reveal all of the zombies within a certain radius. So you always have to keep pressing this button while fighting off zombies.


Zombi Radar


Going into your inventory (backpack) will also make you vulnerable. On the WiiU version your backpack and map/radar was on your controller, making it a very satisfying experience to browse through your stuff. The next-gen consoles and the pc do not have a tablet as a controller so obviously the devs replaced it with having your backpack on the screen.

You will also have to scan the area from time to time to find items that you looked over or to see if a zombie is really dead or not (I recommend bashing all of their heads when their laying on the ground!). Again, in the WiiU version you could hold your controller and look around real-time, it's quite different on the next-gen version.

I did notice that the gameplay is a lot more faster the WiiU version ZombiU.


Is Zombi Scary?

Zombi is defiantly a game that can give you an exciting feeling, making you sweaty. But this will be because you have to be careful and fast, not because the game is scaring you. It does have a creepy atmosphere, but not something that will make you scared.



Zombi does great for what it is.. a survival horror-based game. It does not claim to be the scariest game on earth, but is a very fun game that every zombie lover that didn't have a WiiU at the time should try. Although.. I would recommend the WiiU version more, as it is way more exciting!


If you have a different opinion about the next-gen Zombi, then let us know on the Zombi game page or in the comments section below!


Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Visual tweaks
  • Mouse & keyboard controls
  • More fluent gameplay
  • What's Bad

  • Basically the same as the Wii U version
  • No graphics settings (PC)
  • Lost some of its touch without the gamepad




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