This morning Ubisoft announced the release of Zombi, for those who do not know what Zombi is, it is a re-release of the famous WiiU game ZombiU which was a launch title.

ZombiU featured a atmospheric first person "kind of open-world" survival horror game. You might think this is an action shooting game by watching the trailer, but it certainly isn't. The game is all about the quietness and tension of what might be behind the next corner, most of the time you will be walking around with a melee weapon.

One of the biggest likable things about ZombiU was the interaction with the WiiU gamepad, browsing through your backpack required you to look at your gamepad which might lose your focus. Since neither the Xbox One, the PC or the Playstation 4 features such a controller they might have to re-invent the wheel to keep this kind of experience existing.



Like their previous trailer for the WiiU, the cinematic intro looked gorgeous. The trailer didn't tell us much, much of the scenes were similar (if not the same) as the trailer used to promote the WiiU version. It did seem like it got new lightning and blood effects. It did also provide us a release date to look forward to, the release date is set for August 18th 2015 which is only a big two weeks away!

A detailed review of Zombi will follow after we got out hands on it, feel free to discus about Zombi at its page or in the comments below!




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