09 November 2015

Have we mentioned how much we love White Day: A Labyrinth Named School? The cult Korean horror game set in the titular school featured some of the biggest scares in gaming. Made in 2001, it became a hit in Korea and was slated for an international release come 2004 but strangely vanished into obscurity...

Until now.

The teaser trailer can be watched here.


That's right - the cult classic will be making its much overdue appearance on Playstation VR with new ghosts, polished graphics and to the resounding cheers from horror fans worldwide. Planned for a release in Korea on November 19th, it will see an international release in time. If the game proves to be popular enough, Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony's Worldwide Studios promises that there will be an English-dubbed release; it will also not be platform exclusive, with released planned for iOS, Android and PC.

From the wonderful mod that brought White Day into the knowledge of the gaming community, its popularity has gained enough momentum for its creator to give it another spot on the stage.

How could it be even better? ROI Games has stated that it will be even scarier than the original.

Horror fans, rejoice and prepare yourselves for VR horror the likes of which many have never seen!


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