24 February 2016

Life is cruel

Horror fans were all bummed when things went sour with Silent Hills. The playable teaser had enraptured, and terrified, many. It was full of promise, full of mystery and we were aching to see the world that legendary Hideo Kojima and Lovecraftian director Guillermo Del Toro would have brought us.

However, there is something else that we lost. Something that many horror fans may not have realized. Junji Ito was working with them.

Now, if you are a horror fan and aren't familiar with Junji Ito's work, you really should be. He is the man that managed to make an entire manga about people obsessed with spirals. Yes, spirals. The shape. And it was terrifying.

The Silent Hill franchise has been home to some truly inspired monster designs, and some that are a bit, well, lazier. As much as I like Scarlette from Homecoming, she was still just a big mannequin with teeth. Spooky.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, take a look at some of the monsters that Junji Ito has sired:


Or how about:

I need it. I NEEEEEED IT.

Anyone else have a small spasm? No? Just me?

We lost not one, not two, but three beautiful, terrifying bastards in one fell swoop. Every brush stroke of Junji Ito's beautiful nightmares have kept me awake at all hours, reading in morbid delight.

One can only imagine what he might have designed. His touch is present in Lisa, the ghostly antagonist from PT, but think of how far he could've gone.

Time to go and sulk some more.


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