The announcement of Doom was certainly very welcoming. In the preview video we have seen that there are a lot of different kind of zombies coming from every direction that can be punshed in the face, chainsawed in half or squashed.

Release date: Spring, 2016


Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an upcoming survival game published by Sony Computer Entertainment that revolves around making small decisions that will decide whether your character lives or dies.

Release date: August 26, 2015



From the creators of Amnesia we have another atmospheric survival game that takes place at the bottom of the sea.

Release date: September 22, 2015


Fatal Frame 5

Fatal Frame 5 is a horror game from Nintendo being released for the WiiU.

Fatal Frame is loved by a lot of horror fans, which is why we were so disappointed to see the game get an early release only in Japan. We've read rumors that the English release is "as good as done" so it is speculated to see it released in 2015. In Fatal Frame you have to use a camera which is now controlled by the WiiU Gamepad by lifting it up and aiming it at your enemies.

Release date: Somewhere in 2015


Outlast 2

Outlast is a game that we've all enjoyed. The atmosphere, the story, the gameplay; all was topnotch. It's been said that the sequel will be going for a detective approach which means, new characters, new setting, new themes, new atmospheres.





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