#10 ZombiU

While most of you might not place this in your top ten list. I felt like it deserved the 10th place. The feeling of walking around in those maps with no sound, just waiting for some zombie to grab you around the corner is very fun. The WiiU controller also does an excellent job at keeping you on your toes while looking on your map, or while browsing through your backpack!



#9 Alan Wake

Alan Wake does a very good job to creep you out the whole time while playing. The story really drags you along and it's difficult to escape from it. This game might not have a lot of jumpscares but it has a very good way of keeping the atmosphere dark and interesting. The dark plot elements and psychological horror make up for the lack of jumpscares.


#8 F.E.A.R.

If you also grew up with F.E.A.R. like I did then you must surely know why this title (or let's say series) deserves to be in the Top 10 List. Jump scares? Check. Gore? Check. A little girl? Check...


#7 Dead Space

Dead Space added some great features to the horror genre for it's time. Cutting off limps and fighting off ghastly monstrosities on a dark mining vessel in the middle of nowhere has never been so terrifying. 


#6 Amnesia

Amnesia is a great game, surely you have heard of this one before! This is one of the most popular games ever. This game is all about survival, literally! Your job is to find your way from A to B with out dying from the monsters, and there is nothing that you can do to stop them! (except throwing some barrels!) It has a good and interesting storyline but this is only a part of what the game great. What mainly makes this game so great is the option of creating and sharing custom maps, essentially giving it infinite gameplay. It has a thriving mod community around and it's unlikely to die off anytime soon.

#5 Alien: Isolation

Now take everything that you like about amnesia (except the custom maps), give it a different setting and atmosphere and then place a bigass alien in the middle, Then you will have Alien: Isolation. A huge alien you have to hide from (If you have time to hide).. Because this beast will hunt you and scare the shit out of you!

#4 Nightmare House 2

Even though this is "just" a modification for Half-Life 2, you shouldn't take it lightly! I can't praise this game enough. It does an amazing job by balancing Jump scares, creepiness, atmosphere and an amazing storyline! If you haven't played this one before, take a look

#3 Siren: Blood Curse

So you have the kind of games that makes you creeped out, those that make you sick, and ones that make you jump out of your chair screaming.. You guessed it, this is one of the third group, and it does an amazing job doing it. This one will be difficult to throw off the top 3 for a long time. (Silent Hills might do this though!)

#2 Outlast

This particular survival horror game has been only getting praised from critics and players alike, and that is also exactly what I will be doing, there is not way around it! This game does a surprisingly good job as refreshing the survival horror games. As most other survival horror games are, this game is all about hiding, but that doesn't make it any less fun. It'll send chills down your spine, with a mix of grotesque violence, jumpscares, atmospheric horror, psychological horror, and dark themes in the story, it's one of the greatest horror games to be released recently.

#1 Silent Hill

The first place is given to Silent Hill, and do be more specific, Silent Hill 2. This classic recently got an HD remastered edition so I just couldn't resist to get my hands on it to remember the old-times. And I was not wrong doing so, this is still the father of the horror genre, every horror fan should finish this game at least once. I enjoyed the HD remake even though it got some criticisms, it was just nice to see them try to breathe fresh life into such a classic.


So I didn't expect much from this demo when I saw it at first, available for download. But I ended up giving it a try and boy did I underestimate it, you'll probably sh*t yourself after playing this one.


Do you have feedback about the games mentioned? You are very welcome to leave a comment below and don't forget to rate or review your favorite horror games by searching for them in the browse page!




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