The game has multiple endings that change according to your choices, for this review we chose to kill whenever it was possible.


  A man calls your home phone and says that he has kidnapped your wife and daughter, he'll hurt them if you don't kill people for his amusement. After you take your first victim's life you'll hallucinate about your father. When facing him, you'll say that he was a monster because he used to beat you. He then tells you that he was a reflection of his father, he too used to be a victim of violent beatings. Soon you learn that you're becoming a monster like he was, he tells you that in a drunken rage you beat your daughter so hard that you almost broke her arm.

  The hallucination ends and the phone rings again. This time it's your mistress, she sounds distressed and says that she's coming over. Then the kidnapper calls and he tells you that she too must die.  After killing her, you'll hallucinate again and this time you're burying a coffin in the woods. When you wake up the phone is ringing, you tell the guy that has been blackmailing you to show his face. He says that first, you must call a technician to fix your antenna signal so you can talk face to face.

   When the technician arrives, you talk about your family. He says that his wife took his daughter and left him, he doesn't mind it because he feels free and has the apartment all to himself. After fixing the antenna, the technician's face appears on the tv and you hear "Kill yourself". So, you go to the window and push him off the roof.

 After a few events take place, you hear noises coming from the closet. The door is slowly opening and you catch a short glimpse of who's inside before the door is abruptly closed. This section had a blue tint over it much like the other hallucinations which lead me to believe that you felt guilty for what you had done and were being haunted by your consciousness.

  Everything goes back to normal, it's day again and the corpses are gone. The phone rings, it's the kidnapper, midway through the conversation you learn that (in a very Fight Club-esque way) he wasn't real. A noise comes from the closet and inside you find a head and a finger (is this your wife's head and your daughter's finger?).

 The phone rings again but when you go answer it's disappeared. You return to your daughter's room and the technician's corpse is hanging from the ceiling. Soon, you realize that you're the technician.

  There are many ways to interpret this ending. Did you kill your family and then kill yourself or did your wife take your daughter because she saw how abusive you'd become and when you realized that you were just another monster like your father you to commit suicide?

Visuals and performance

  The stunning photorealistic environment does a great job of immersing you. You'll want to open every door and drawer to see what's hiding inside and almost everything can be inspected or interacted with (you can even flush the toilet or play the piano!).

  The performance is also really good, I had no crashes and no stuttering during my playthrough.


 If you've played a game in the same genre, you'll be very familiar with the controls. You have to interact with the environment to find the phone numbers you need and you have to select the correct dialogue to persuade your victims into trusting you.  

Final thoughts

 The Works of Mercy was an interesting game. Not many horror games make me want to play again when I finish them (even if they have different paths), but this one definitely left me wondering how different my journey could've been.
 I recommend you grab it and due to its branching story, I'd definitely play it at least 2 times.


The Works of Mercy

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  • Voice acted
  • Beautiful Visuals
  • Multiple outcomes depending on your choices
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  • No save system
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