16 August 2015

I finally got a chance to get around to reviewing the game The Witch's House that was very trendy a few years back.

The Witch's House is a free puzzle-based horror game created with RPG Maker, made by a Japanese Creator named Fummy (ふみー). The game rapidly became known by the Japanese PC Gaming Community. Soon after that, the team vgperson released an English translated version with the permission of Fummy.

In The Witch's House you take the role of a blonde girl named Viola that finds herself in a forest with a mysterious house. She is unable to leave the general proximity of the house, and the only backstory you are given is through a letter from Viola's father.


The Witch's House Letter

So, with no other choice available, you are essentially forced into the house, which as the game's title suggests, belong to a witch.



The Witch's House has graphics that make me nostalgic, they remind me of earlier Gameboy Advanced games, people who have played GBA games but are unfamiliar with RPG Maker games will most likely feel very similarly. The atmosphere is very creepy and dark, partly due to the ghastly and dark color palette. The creator also put in a lot of attention to detail, and I really have nothing bad to say about the graphics, especially for a freeware game. It does well with the style it uses.

The Which's House Creepy



It is a puzzle-based game so this obviously means that you have to keep your head clear! Because of the creative problem-solving type thinking you sometimes find yourself being so focused that you forget that it's a horror game, but.. this doesn't last for very long in the game. The game knows when you are very focused and will take advantage of this by giving you a nice jumpscare (which will startle you even more!).

The puzzles in The Witch's House aren't too difficult to solve but will still makes you feel like you accomplished something. There are also certain parts where it is very easy to get stuck at, however, especially if you aren't used to this type of game!

Beside the creepy atmosphere, jumpscares, and dark colors there are also some elements of comedy in The Witch's House. Your save point is a black cat that always has something interesting to say before it allows you to save.

The Witch's House Cat


The Witch's House has some very clever and story telling that keeps you interested 'till the end. This adds to the scariness as the story touches upon some very dark topics.


Is The Witch's House Scary

Most of you are reading this review to know how scary this game exactly is. I'd say that this game is very well balanced between people who are weak against scary games and users that play scary games regularly. It has some very clever jumpscares and it's story telling will make your hair stand straight from time to time.



Although The Witch's House isn't a very long game (Finished in a few hours depends on your puzzle solving skills), I had a blast playing through it! It's a horror game that everyone should at least try once.








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