Everybody has a place where they always return to for various sentimental reasons. For Lorraine, she and her son, Callum, always return to Atlantic Island Park.


The park held many memories for them so they visit once more like they’ve always done so in the past. However, this time around, mother and son come back because Callum has lost his favorite teddy bear. Averting her eyes away from the lad for a bit, the restless Callum takes this chance and darts towards the park in search of his stuffed toy.



The frantic Lorraine chases after her son but uncovers dark memories that begin to trickle out as she calls out for her boy more and more. As a single mother, the troubles that go along with raising a child haunts her every wake. She loves her son but a part of her wishes that perhaps it would be better if Callum is removed from her equation.



The Park is a psychological horror game that immerses the player in the story of Lorraine through excellent voiced out narrative and notes found all over the park. There are no physical threats that chase Lorraine unless I count Killer Chipmunk Chad but his appearances are scripted so I don’t really count him. There are no puzzles to wrack your brain over so essentially it is a walking simulator with pretty visuals.

The Park has a 1-2 hours’ worth of game time, even with exploration.


The Scare Factor

As I stated before, there are no physical threats lingering around but throughout the game, it feels as though Lorraine is under scrutiny. From time to time, the grass would rustle as if someone is walking nearby, observing her with anticipation. At first, I thought it was simply the wind but the rustling sound didn’t sound like the wind disturbing blades of grass. They would never reveal themselves but I have a feeling it is Psychopathic Chad skulking around in the shadows.


To top off the feeling of being watched, Lorraine is also struggling with her inner demons. The entire amusement park holds clues to just how much her mind is deteriorating but I didn’t realize it until I’ve reach the segment where Lorraine visits her “apartment” and the place loops around a la P.T.

Without spoiling anything, this was the part that scared me. The ominous atmosphere this place emanated was suffocating and I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. Well, more like Lorraine couldn’t leave. Let me explain further that I wasn’t scared for myself. I was actually  more scared for Lorraine because throughout this whole ordeal, I came up with the conclusion that she might done a horrendous act that she can never take back.



Graphics, Bugs, Crashes, Oh My!

Graphics wise, the visuals are stunning. Every corner of the The Park is an eye-candy, albeit I did notice a couple of pop-ins here and there. Personally, I didn’t encounter any bugs and the game never crashed for me but after perusing the forums for The Park, there were a handful of people getting errors during launch and painful crashes. Most video games are never perfect but I’m glad to see Funcom are interacting with their fans and solving these problems. I was lucky enough to have an almost smooth gameplay. I say almost because I did experience random drops in my frames. For perspective, I have a GTX 970, i7-4790S, 12 GB of ram…so on and so forth.


Final Thoughts

The Park is a short but emotional game that left me thinking about it for days. If you’re looking for a good psychological horror game, The Park is for you. I wish the game was longer but that’s just me. The ending left me wanting for more of the game. At least there were no clowns. I was so happy when I saw no clowns...



The Park

Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Immersive storyline
  • Good Voice Acting
  • Excellent Visuals
  • Great atmosphere and sounds
  • What's Bad

  • Some players are experiencing launch errors and crashes
  • Pop-ins
  • Random framerate drops
  • Short but Funcom is upfront about it
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