The Flock is a first-person indie horror multiplayer game (3 to 5 players) from the Dutch developers Vogelsap where the player starts out as a Flock, a flock is a monster whose goal it is to grab the light artifact which will transform him into a Carrier.


The Flock Screenshot


The Carrier's job is to bring this artifact to a certain place safely in order to win. But in the meanwhile the other players (The Flock) will try to take the artifact from the carrier by attacking him. The Carrier has a flashlight to protect himself, The Flock will be able to counter this by standing still, which will transform them into a stone in order to be immune to the light.

If this is the first that you read from The Flock then you might be interested in their Closed Alpha Trailer that was shown on 6 Nov 2014:



Vogelsap previously announced that the lifespan of The Flock (the creatures, and the game) is limited, the total lives that all the players have in total can be found on this page, it currently stands on 215'358'966 lives as the game is not released yet.

When the counter drops to zero, it's game over. The game will be taken offline and deleted from steam.

We are not sure why the developer took this step.. it is quite possible that it is a publicity stunt, 215'358'966 is a big number but it all depends on how popular it will be and how much players will abuse this limit (Vogelsap did state in their FAQ that "There are only two ways the population of The Flock could increase: if the game eventually comes to consoles or if a player is found hacking or botting the game — those dishonestly lost lives would be restored."


Recently a new teaser has been surfaced which can be viewed below.



The teaser didn't show a lot except that Earth will be surrounded by complete darkness at the year 2998 and that The Flock will be available on Steam at 21 August 2015. Currently there is a limited promotion at humble bundle that allows you to get an extra key for your friend at the price of $16.99.


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