05 October 2015

The Coma, a psychological, survival horror 2D scroller has been greenlit on Steam. With an interesting, dark anime artstyle, the game is all about a student blacking out while sitting down to taking their finals and waking in a cruel, unforgiving world of Korean horror.

Along with an interesting premise and style, The Coma is taking on a psychological issue not often seen in horror games - pressure at school. Korea has a notoriously tough environment when it comes to their educational system, and schools worldwide are seeing more and more psychological fallout from the increased focus on exams. The Coma intends to deal into the environment of a Korean student and show the overworked, tense situation through the eyes of the player.

Quoting itself as being unforgiving, players will have to run, hide and use their wits to escape the cold, cruel world the game takes place in. Harkening back to similar themes in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, the horror is sure to be familiar and very real for the students playing(if they can even find the time).

Dark, depressing and rooting itself right into a very real pressure and fear, The Coma promises to be an intense and interesting experience.

For more information, check out the game page or their Steam page.

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