The story revolves around John, he is the only survivor of a Fallout style bunker in which every resident has died.

 You get to experience John's daily routine but after a few days something starts to malfunction and he is forced to break from said routine to fix the problem. He then ends up going to parts that had been closed off and uncovers things from his past that he had forgotten, such as the reason why all the residents are dead except for him and why he hasn't heard anything from outside the bunker.


The bunker Gameplay Shot



  The Bunker plays like your normal point-n-click game: click in the objects to make John interact with them or collect items to solve puzzles so you can progress.

 None of the puzzles are a mind breaker, but that doesn't mean that you don't need to keep your eyes opened to be able to find some of those key items that are well hidden.

 There's also a lot of hidden "toys" that you have to keep an eye on if you're going for the 100% completion, to get those you'll need to do a bit more of exploration and a few more puzzles.



Final Impressions

 This game is a masterpiece in my opinion. The story, the acting and the sounds are just perfect. I love the fact that the devs didn't run away from the thought-to-be-dead FMV genre.

 You really start to feel John's paranoia and confusion when things start to unfold and the story is bound to keep you playing until you finish it.



 This is one of the best point-n-click Psychological Horror games I've played in years, and even if you don't like this genre I recommend you try it out for yourself because the gameplay videos don't do it justice.





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