01 October 2015

Ah, survival-horror. Harkening back to Resident Evil, for one name-sake, survival-horror is all about making quick decisions rather than facing the scares head-on. Limited resources, powerful enemies, all of these things force players to figure out the right way to go in order to survive.

Check out the trailer below.

With the announcement of Syndrome from developer Camel 101, the plan is for survival-horror to be reawoken within the confines of the ship trapping players.

Indeed, taking a System Shock 2 like approach, Syndrome will leave you stranded on a ship with a crew that is largely dead - but not all dead.

Weapons will be scarce and limited, and each enemies will present their own challenges and strategies when it comes to surviving them. Indeed, it would appear that the mutated monstrosities of your former crew are all that are left waiting in the dark.

With Resident Evil itself having taken a more action-movie approach in its last big title, it is interesting to see a new developer ready to bring survival-horror back to the forefront of horror gaming.

Claustrophobic, dark and forcing players to rely on their own tenacity under stress, Syndrome is currently on Steam Greenlight.

For more information, check out Syndrome's game page or Syndrome's website and help it be greenlit on Steam.

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