Beneath the muck and grime in the Steam Greenlight Program, there are a few horror games that have the potential to shine. Problem is that they don’t receive enough exposure and thus will fall into obscurity. Steam Greenlight Spotlight will hopefully shine a new a light on these hidden gems.

Today’s game is Settled, an indie horror game that is being developed by Allen Dayan.

Before you read any further, watch this minute or so trailer and judge it for yourself.


Now that you’ve watched the trailer, what do you think of it? While you ponder on that, from the trailer alone, we can’t get a good sense of what the game is all about. The atmosphere is bit a creepy and it was rather unsettling watching the main character casually amble about in a room full of hanging corpses. Hey, it might just be a normal day for him. Don’t judge.

Hey and look one! Isn't this just lovely? He is not having a good day.



From the description provided on the Greenlight page, we can gather that this man’s mind is deteriorating due to the death of someone he cared about. People have different coping mechanisms when it comes to the loss of someone important. With the support from friends and family, it will get easier to deal with this emptiness. I mean look at Anakin Skywalker(I do hope you who that is.) However, it doesn’t seem that the player character in Settled has any family and is simply reliving his nightmares over and over in his head.

“A simple toy or a mundane item triggers memories and nightmares that plague the player, as sadness, fear, loneliness and guilt takes over the individual's life.” –Settled

Certain events seem to change upon interacting with them and I would love to see how these items play into the character’s madness as he slips further into the realm of insanity.

I do wonder what these toys mean to him. Don't tell me he lost a child. I can feel the feels...oh yes I do.


2D pixel games like Settled has always intrigued me. They might not be the most prettiest games but if one thing Last Door taught me (another great 2D pixel horror game), you don't have to be pretty to be scary. I look forward to the full release of Settled, which will be around early 2016.

For more information about Settled visit its Steam Greenlight page: Settled


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