And once again there is a new release date announced set for August! It seems like August is a great month for a lot of horror fans.

STASIS is a 2D point-and-click game from a top-down perspective that all about solving the mystery about the abandoned spaceship that the player finds himself stranded in. STATIS is a game that got successfully crowdfunded back in November 2013 on kickstarter, around the same time there was Alpha version available for download to get a big tease about what's the game is about. You can still find that, here. But we personally wouldn't recommend playing the Alpha, as the release date of STATIS is really close! Keep reading for more information.




There has been a lot of time passed since the Alpha and the game has been improved a lot, and we can see this in the launch trailer that the STATIS developers (The Brotherhood) released just over an hour ago.



We have come a lot way from the Alpha, the trailer and we can see in the trailer that STATIS has had some big improvements in the Lightning system. Together with the trailer, The Brotherhood also announced the release date, the date is set at 31 August 2015 and will be available on Steam and GOG for Windows and Mac for $19.99.

Pre-Orders are possible on their order page.

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