Warning: Heavy spoilers on the Story section of the review.


  Your name is Peter and you wake after suffering a car crash. You walk down the road towards a house in search of help but you pass out before you reach the entrance.
  You wake up in a room and soon enough you discover that something wicked is going on in the house. In almost every room you find diary pages that tell you a story about a woman (mother) that has lost her husband and kids.
  It's not long until you find out that you're not in this house by accident. You're the brother of the kids that were murdered years ago and it's now up to you to save them from the limbo that imprisons them.
  You thought that you were helping your siblings but you were being tricked by a puppet that your father had brought to the house after one of his trips.
  This puppet was, in fact, a demon that played the part on both the death of your father and your siblings murder but, who did he trick into doing it?
  Soon you find out that the mother blamed the nanny for her kids murder because she found her standing next to their corpses and  in her room symbols were painted on the floor with the puppet in its center. But then you learn that it was the mother that killed them, she was tricked by the puppet into murdering her children and the nanny was trying to save them. You also learn that you are a bastard and Tamsin (the nanny) is your true mother and she sent you away before she was hanged for what she supposedly had done.
  It's now up to you to break the curse and bring peace to your family.
  In the end, you sacrifice yourself to banish the demon and save your siblings.

Visuals and Performance

  The game looks fantastic, the house's dark tones and broken-down state makes it way creepier and the constant creaking of the wood keeps you checking your back in case something is behind you. The performance is also very good with no stutters and a locked 60fps frame rate.


  In good old horror game fashion, you must collect items that are scattered throughout the house to open new areas and you have your occasional cat and mouse game with the game's main enemy (the mother).
  Everything was clear and I never lost my way which unfortunately is something that happens in other titles.

Final Thoughts

  Silver Chains is one of the best horror games I've played this year, it's story is compelling with a fantastic plot twist and the game looks really good. I fully recommend you play this title.

Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa Hanako-san ga Kita!!

Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Great atmosphere
  • The house looks great
  • The jumpscares aren't cliché
  • What's Bad

  • The last boss isn't that scary and becomes annoying after you die to him once or twice
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