Shiver starts with you driving through a blizzard on your way to visit your dad at the retired community he's at.

 Shortly after you see a human shaped figure in the middle of the road and you fall off a cliff while avoiding it.



You wake up with a broken arm and after wandering in the forest you find the ranger's outpost. Soon you learn that the park used to be a mining facility but after a collapse on the mines it was donated and turned into a national park that is now abandoned.

 You then find out that a humanoid monster now roams the park and doesn't intend to let you escape.



 After exploring the mines you call for help with the park's radio and a voice tells you that he will be there as fast as he can. You head to the road and signal your location with a Roman Candle.

 The monster soon arives but so does the other park ranger, you see his car heading down the road and it hits you and the monster. Everything goes black.

 A voice asks you if you're ok and you answer "Absolutely not".

 The game cuts to you waiting on your father's room and ends shortly after.



Visuals and Performance

 Shiver performs as expected with no crashes and no poor frame rate.

 The visuals look very good, you can tell that attention and care was put into the backgrounds.



Final Thoughts

 Shiver was fun to play but I think that the asking price of $4.99 is a bit too steep for a game that will last you around 30 minutes with the only replay value being achievement hunt. I think that a fair price would be $2.99.

 In my opinion the story should have been developed further. I really wanted to know the origins of the monster, it's hidden lair in the mines had some undeniable Lovecraftian traits which captivated my interest. I wanted to know how and why that monster was there, if the mine collapse was accidental or if somebody was trying to cover up the horrors they had found.



 In the end, I was glad that the devs from Shiver contacted us because this is a very good Horror Point-n-Click adventure that I would certainly have missed.

 All of the jumpscares startled me and I didn't get bored or frustrated while searching for the solutions.

 I recommend you try this little gem and support the devs. I look forward to seeing what other games Kowai Sugoi Studios will release in the future.



Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Interesting setting
  • Familiar Point-N-Click mechanics
  • What's Bad

  • Short for it's price
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Tiago M.




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