September1999 is a short demo made by 98DEMAKE ( ) and when I saw it's announcement I knew I had to give it a go.

 The game manages to capture what most horror games struggle with, a immersive and horrifying enviroment that manages to keep you on your toes without the use of jumpscares.

 Eventhough it'll only take you about 5 minutes to complete, the game managed to become one of my favourites with how it told a story about a killer and one of his victims, all of this was presented in a found footage type of narrative and visuals.

 I really recommend you to give the game a try, it's free and you can find it at: . Also, follow 98DEMAKE's on his patreon to keep in touch with all of his projects (

 Me and the rest of the ScaredtoPlay Team are excited to see what 98DEMAKE will brings us next and we'd love to see a more lengthy varient of September1999.

September 1999

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