10 December 2016


Sara is Missing is a very unique short horror game, where your job is to find a missing girl named "Sara". The only thing you have is her smart phone, via which you will have to go through her personal messages, pictures, videos, notes and more to find clues.

Sara's phone is also equipped with an AI assistant "IRIS", which isn't making things any easier for you by messing with your interface and guiding you down wrong paths.

The game mostly relies on jumpscares and much of it has been done before by other horror games, but it's still a very unique experience and is definitely worth a try, especially since it's so short.

You can get the game on its itch.io homepage. It is available for Windows, Android and the Apple Store.

After you've finished playing Sara is Missing, you can rate your horror experience in its dedicated scaredtoplay game page.



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