Rusty Lake Paradise is based on the 10 plagues of Egypt and each of the 10 chapters of the game revolve around you casting the plagues away from the island.
 To cure the lake you have to find black cubes that contain the memories of your mother.

 As you solve more and more puzzles you get closer to fixing Paradise (the name of the Island), but when everything is fixed nothing is and it will not end well for you.

 This is the simplest and most unspoiled way that I can tease you the story. I strongly recommend playing the rest of the Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series before playing Rusty Lake Paradise.


 Rusty Lake Paradise stays true to the style of its predecessors.

 Its horror factor will be found on the environment, the sounds and the puzzles (one of which had me change a heart for a clock mechanism or having to mix blood, snot, tears and saliva to make medicine).

 This charming pale colored world will unsettle you as you solve its gory puzzles.


 The game controls just like any other point-n-clicker. The puzzles start really simple but soon enough they'll get more complicated and harder to solve (they never stop being fun though).

Final Thoughts

 I'm glad that Paradise stayed true to its predecessors, the dialogue is as bare boned and cryptic, the sounds are as unnerving and the game looks cold and makes you feel unwelcomed.
 I recommend that you play all the other Rusty Lake and Cube Escape titles so you can get a grip on the lore, but I'd love if the developer published a book with all the story so far (it would definitely make it easier to catch up).
 I really enjoyed Rusty Lake Paradise and I can't wait for the next entry on the series.

Rusty Lake Paradise

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  • The story will be confusing if you haven't played the other games
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