26 July 2017


Perception is an atmospheric horror game released back in May for the PC and later in June for the Xbox One and PS4. Since those two months the developers have been working on new features that were requested by their fans. Recently the developers Deep End Games have stated on their twitter that the game will be receiving 'Tons is Updates including two new modes". While a picture is shown of the two new modes, none of the other new features are currently known.


Perception Twitter


As you can see in the screenshot above the two new game modes are "Story" and "Scary". As the original game mode was balanced the game the "Story" game mode will give you a big break from all dangers so you can enjoy the story, it's specificly very handy for users who aren't used to gaming. So with this gamemode you will be able to show the game to your Grandmother! On the other hand there is the new game mode "Scary" which will be for people who are into a challange.


More of the new features will be announced soon.


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