30 January 2016

Kickstarting is a great way for indie developers to get some kind of advanced payment for their game, and in many cases Kickstarter funding is the only way for these projects to become a reality at all, even when that isn't the case, we certainly don't want the developers to be living in extreme conditions while having to live off of pizza and ramen noodles during development. So this is our way of supporting them to get it finished as soon as possible and to help the team fully express their creative vision.

Back in September "Visage" was officially greenlit and today they are hoping for more support of the horror community by helping them kickstart their horror game.

"Visage" is inspired by the famous demo "P.T.", that was supposed to become Silent Hills, a game that, unfortunately, got canceled. It has great potential and is promising a lot, if the trailer is any indication then we have this to look forward to.

The Kickstarter campaign features some very interesting rewards such as T-shirts, your picture in the game, being able to play as the ghost, and more.

We have already started supporting them and are definitely looking forward to playing it upon it's release.

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