Visage, the latest in what is seemingly a long line of P.T.-inspired horror titles, has today entered Steam Greenlight.

Check out the alpha gameplay trailer.

Clocking in on at less than five minutes in total, the alpha gameplay trailer shows one thing: Visage is absolutely aching to scare, and coming right around during the scariest month of the year, horror fans are doubtlessly already excited for its eventual release.

From the looks of the alpha gameplay trailer, we have a whole house to play with this time. The mystery of who we are, what is stalking us, what we have done all linger somewhere. The developer makes one thing clear: "You are not alone".

Already boasting impressive graphics and sound design, Visage looks to be like a P.T homage that has grasped everything that the playable teaser was going for. The trailer shows off a few mild scares, mostly in a radio (ha) and video on the television giving a bit of sass - it's enough to make the developer who is demoing it jump.

Now that is impressive.

For more information, check out Visage's game page or the developer’s official website or follow Visage on Steam Greenlight.

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Amber E. Colyer




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