01 January 2016

Outlast, developed by Red Barrel is a psychological horror thriller that has you in the shoes of investigative journalist, Miles Upshur as you dig you're way through Mount Massive Insane Asylum in attempts to discover the secrets held within the infamous facility. Recently announced in October and released with a teaser trailer, we are finally greeted to sequel and possibly some answers that we had remaining from the first game. 



The trailer opens up with a view of a cross, set ablaze and left burning as it's revealed to be upside down, likely a representation to recent generation use as the antichrists symbol (Or the cross of St. Peter). During this sequence, a recording of a man preaching plays in the background, the exact piece that is being recited looks to be from the bible; revelations 14:7, The three angels of Babylon's fall. At this moment, It looks like it's a tie to the first Outlast and how religion plays a role in the asylums present state and history.

Along with this and the fact the teaser presented looks to be in the woods, is it possible that the sequal will be a little more open worldly? Maybe even more occultish than the last game? We look forward to seeing more development about this planned 2016 fall release and will keep updating you along with more news on scaredtoplay.com



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