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Nightmare House 2 is a famous horror-themed Half-Life 2 mod that has stopped working more than a year ago. The developers finally came back and gave us more than we asked for.

Nightmare House started as a custom map for half life 2 in 2005 with the main purpose of creating a true horror map that will scare the players. The custom map soon began to gain popularity that drove the developer to assemble a bigger team to create a sequel as a mod for Half-Life 2. In 2007 the Nightmare House 2 was released to the public and has been a favorite for the Half-Life 2 Community ever since.

A recent Half-Life 2 update caused the game to crash and in order to fix it, one had to go through a great deal of trouble to get it working correctly. A year later on the 31st October 2015 the developers finally released an updated version of Nightmare House 2 that includes more than just a "quick fix", it also includes a graphics rework using the new Source SDK 2013, MAC and Linux support, new weapons, new models, textures and sounds, map changes and tons of bug fixes.


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To play Nightmare House 2, follow our installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions

Nightmare House 2 is currently not on Steam Greenlight. This means that in order to play the game, you can't just go to the story and click on "Play". The installation is far from difficult and specially with our installation instructions you shouldn't have a problem installing this amazing horror game.

Download Nightmare House 2

Nightmare House 2 Download


Once you have finished downloading NH2.1.rar you will have to extract the folder "NH" from the .rar into your Steam sourcemods folder. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods and extract the rar in there. You should end up with a folder "NH" into your sourcemods folder, if you can see that then you know you extracted the game successfully.

Extract NH2


Unfortunately the game isn't ready yet, but we're very close! Now restart your Steam in order to make the game appear into your library. When restarted, locate the title and double click on it in order to start the installation of "Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer".

While that's downloading, go to "Tools" And Right click on "Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer" => "Properties" => Tab; "BETAS" => Select; "upcoming" => Press; "Close"


Installation Instructions


Enjoy the Game

Not everybody is used to these kind of instructions just to get a game ready, but Nightmare House 2 is worth all the trouble as it's an amazing experience that you shouldn't miss.


The developers have stated that they will be applying to Greenlight in order to give everybody an easy installation process, but I wouldn't recommend waiting for it.

Our review for Nightmare House 2 follows soon.




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