10 June 2018

A new trailer has just been released for an interesting looking game called LORN. Something that immediately strikes me is the medieval setting, which is something that is less common in horror than most other genres. The game is in development by Teamkill Studio. The main strength of the presentation in the trailer is undoubtedly the environment and atmosphere it builds.

 The feeling of a desolate and forsaken world is conveyed expertly, and the vista showing off the enormous tower is breathtaking, personally making for my favorite shot in the entire trailer. The way it reaches up into the dark clouds looks visually stunning. The other environments showcased in the trailer are equally impressive and create a feeling of an oppressive atmosphere that is important for games that feature dead worlds.

 What has to be the weakest part of the trailer, in my eyes, is enemy design. My eyes practically rolled into the back of my head when I saw a generic skeleton with glowing eyes being used as an enemy. This is not necessarily something that will outright ruin the game. As long as the inclusion of those enemies are handled with tact, it could turn out fine. It is also possible that the inclusion of cliche enemies is a self-aware nod to the genre, rather than a poor design choice.

 The plot of LORN is fairly standard in terms of dark fantasy. The rule of an evil king has corrupted the land and plunged it into darkness. The gameplay demo that came out last year does a better job of showing what the game has to offer for players, but this new trailer does do a good job of indicating how far they have come. A few differences in visual quality are notable between the old trailers and new. The screenshots available from the game devs are quite nice to look at and succeed in making LORN an interesting title that stands out from the rest.

 So far the title has shown great promise in providing an experience that will, at the very least, be different from the oversaturation of horror games set in modern times.

Lorn has an official website here.

It is set to see release on Xbox One, Playstation Four, and PC, via Steam.


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