Jonathan wakes up in a prison cell and after wandering for a while he learns that there's a woman that wants her son to become the director of the prison and she must be stopped.



 After further exploring the prison you learn that Jonathan's parents died in a car accident when he was just a boy.

 To cope with the trauma he created a imaginary friend named Ben (which was the one guiding him through the prison) and he never stopped creating new personas. Some were friendly, but others wanted to be in control. So, Jonathan and Ben created a prison in which all the personas would be locked away.



Everything was calm for a while, Jonathan found a wife (Sarah) and lived a normal life but in his subconscious new personalities were being created. One of those, was a woman that wanted to murder Sarah and be with Jonathan forever. To do so either her or her son had to become the director of the prison.



After learning this Jonathan tried to reach the director's office so he could be in control again and get himself in a asylum.

 But it was to late, the woman had already taken control and when Jonathan came back to his senses he was in a court room.

 He was found guilty for the murder of his wife Sarah and was locked away in a maximum security insane asylum.



Visuals and Performance

 Inmates looks good and runs smoothly.

 I didn't have any crashes through my 2 hour gameplay and managed to keep a solid 144fps throughout the whole game. Which was a surprise, given the small size of the team that developed it.




 Inmates plays like your normal story-driven indie game. There's no fighting mechanics so you only need to walk, inspect documents and take in the environment.

 You also have to solve some puzzles, they begin pretty simple but soon they become hard and the solution becomes a bit of a stretch to figure out (nothing that can't be fixed with your friendly youtube gameplay videos).



The user reviews that I saw in steam complained about how slow the movement was, I dont agree with that. I think that if I was able to run through the game most of it's scare factor would be eliminated.

 The combination of Jonathan's monotonous voice, his slow walk and the constant white noise in the background set a feeling of dread and discomfort. Because of this I got startled everytime there was a jump scare.



Remarkable Moments

 There was a really cool easter egg of "The Shinning" that caught me off guard. I absolutely love to see horror games making a homage to the legends of horror.



Final Impressions

 Inmates is a small scary game that tells a very interesting story. To me it's fully worth the asking price of $9.99.

 I never felt bored playing it and I couldn't leave the seat until I saw the credits. I look foward to see what "Iceberg Interactive" is going to publish next.



Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Atmosphere
  • Jump scares
  • What's Bad

  • Story is confusing before being explained
  • Puzzles can become frustrating
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