Hello Neighbor is a very unique horror game with a very interesting color pallete. In Hello Neighbor your job is to stalk your neighbor and sneak into his house in order to reveal the secrets that he is hiding. The AI seems specificly a very interesting addition to the game as he will try to counter all moves and will chase you non-stop.

You can see some of the AI feature in the offical video below.



Recently the game opened itself to pre-orders with the incentive that you are able to play the alpha version of the game. The pre-order will cost you $29.99, but remember that the alpha version is an older limited build that only serves as a preview allowing you to see for yourself how the game was in its early stages.

After you pre-ordered the game you will receive the following item in your STEAM library: "Hello Neighbor Alpha Access".

Hello Neighbor's release it set for August 29.






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