Fans of Dying Light can finally enjoy the expansion "The Following" that includes: A new map, Drivable verhicles, A New Story, Non-liniar story progress.

Everything is still playable with 4 player co-op support.

If you bought the season pack or the Full DLC pack in the past, then this expansion should be already playable for you.

Otherwise, you will have to buy the DLC separate. If you don't own the game at all, Dying Light is highly recommended for every player that enjoyes zombie games or horror in general, especially the multiplayer co-op goes very smooth and is a blast. You can buy the "Enhanced Edition" which includes the main game, if you already own Dying Light then you are only required to download the normal version.

Click on the prices below to purchase your copy on a discounted price on kinguin. I have been using kinguin for over 2 years, very respectable website and has a lot to offer.

Buy Dying Light The FollowingBuy Dying Light The Following: Enhanced Edition





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