Is your Dying Light collecting dust in your steam account? Well this might be the ideal time to blow off the dust, last week Techland (Dying Light's developers) released a video that featured a ton of new content for Dying Light. Most of it is content that will be available for users that buy the Season Pass, which will be prized at $19,99.



The Season Pack will include some of the previously released DLCs together with a new surprise at the end!

At the end you notice a buggy, the buggy is referring to the new DLC called "The Following"


The Following DLC Dying Light


The Following will include new gameplay elements like driving. It will also come with a complete new map that is supposed to be bigger than the two existing maps combined. This is due the fact that they wanted to introduce driving elements, but they obviously couldn't just drop the buggy in a crowded city. So It's been reported that the map design will be leaning more to the country side (as you can see in the background of the picture below).

The Following will also include other new vehicles except the Buggy, but details are unknown at this time.

More screenshots regarding The Following got released the a few days later and might suggest that there will be new way to sneak up on people, but maybe we are now trying to reach to far.


Dying Light: The Following new sneaking method

Dying Light The Following Buggy Teaser

Dying Light The Following Buggy Action Teaser


The Season Pass will be released for all platforms! Including the PC,Playstation 4 and Xbox One. More details will follow soon.




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