VR is one of the most intense way to experience a horror game. Don't Knock Twice definetely is no exception, the first person VR Horror game based on an urban legend created by Wales Interactive just released its release date. It's set for a release on September 6th and pre-orders receive a 20% discount.



Don't Knock Twice is based on a movie with the same name that was relaesed last September in 2016. The developers made sure that the horror game is available for all VR platforms including PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

We found that many VR gamers are restricted to what they can play because they don’t have access to one particular device or platform. [This] is sometimes resolved by throwing VR support on top of a traditional game, which is not what we’ve done here

If you can't wait another month then you can start with a teaser which was released back in October. It can be found be going to the Steam Store page and then by clicking on the "Download Demo" button on the right side.






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