We will call this a "a review", but the game is still in early access so a lot of the game will be changed in the future. So we will change/adjust our review when the final product is released to the public.

Dead Realm is a multiplayer horror game where the players are able to choose to be the monster or the human. The monsters have to catch the humans in order to win the game, while the humans have to survive for a certain amount of time.

The game seems similar to Damned but still does some things differently to act as a complete new game, some people may also find this similar to Zombie Panic (a Half Life 2 mod) since both of these games carry the same kind of hide and seek gameplay.

At this moment you are able to chose from three different monsters: Wolfman, the Butcher and Baby William, Section Studios (the game developers) stated that more monsters will be added in the very near future. All of these monsters have different powers to catch the player with and jump scares.


Dead Realm Monsters


If there is a player nearby then there will appear a glowing aura around the screen with "There is a human nearby" appearing in text, which is really helpful for the monster catching the humans, they are also equipped with a special sight so they are able to see the humans through the walls as a red dot, but this only lasts a very short time. When a monster catches a player this player will become a spirit that can help the monsters to complete their goal. The jump scares are very fun in the beginning but tend to lose it's scariness pretty quickly. So, is Dead Realm scary? We feel like the game is more of a "fun game in the horror theme" instead of a scary one, but it is extremely satisfying to play with a few of your friends.


Dead Realm Jumpscare


The Humans have the advantage of sprinting and have a few powers to repel the monsters, and allow them to escape, like a shield and a decoy (which will summon a fake version of yourself). In order to escape from the monsters you will also have to use your environment around you, like jumping on the lights, hiding behind the doors or hiding in the closet.


Dead Realm Screenshot Human


Dead Realm is a great game but does still need a lot of content, there are only a limited amount of maps, monsters, models,.. which is of course normal since this is a "Early Access Game" (I wish they would stop all of this early access nonsense)

Dead Realm

Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Fun with friends
  • What's Bad

  • Lots of bugs (Early Access Release)
  • Could've been more




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