Conarium revolves around Frank and the rest of a crew of scientists that have mysteriously disappeared after discovering ancient pre-human alien structures in the depths of the Antartic soil.

 Frank wakes up with short term amnesia, he then tries to uncover what happened to his coleagues and what secrets are hidden in the alien ruins that had been closed off long before humankind's existence.

 Later in the game you discover that the head scientist was searching for a device called the Conarium, which would allow him and whoever used it to transcend into other Conariums spread across space and time, the user would be reincarnated with all of his memories and knowledge into a new body in another planet or dimension, but if the seeker takes too long or is not deemed worthy his body will be corrupted by the visions given by the Conarium.



 Most of the story is exposed through Frank's memories that get triggered at certain places where he had been at before he came back to himself, the head scientist (the only other survivor from the team) also provides information and instrutions for you to follow and try to meet up with him.

  The game also provides plenty of documents and journals to read if you want a more in depth details about the narrative.



Visuals and Performance

  Performance wise Conarium is everything you could hope for in 2017, it's beautiful and super light on your computer. I had constant 100 fps with everything maxed out in a mid range desktop (gtx 970 and a i5 4570s).

 I think that the developers really managed to capture the essence of what a H. P. Lovecraft story would look like if it was made into a movie. Any Lovecraft and Horror fan will instantly fall in love with it's visuals.




  Conarium is your classic, as I like to call them, Horror Walking Simulator. You have to explore a lot and to progress you need to use objects or previously acquired information to unlock doors and solve puzzles.

  Near the end game the jumpscares and scare factor scales up in a section where you're chased and need to hide from humanoid lizard mummies (that sounds weird out of context).




  Conarium has been the best Lovecraftian story I've played thus far. From beginning to end I was completely hooked on the narrative and immersed in the beautiful dark ruins that are bound to steal a "Wow" from your mouth.



 I can only recommend this game and hope that in the end you share the same love that I now have for it.




Our Score


  • What's Good

  • Perfect Lovecraftian story and visuals
  • Masterful storytelling
  • Well optimized
  • Necronomicon references
  • What's Bad

  • Some puzzles will make you feel lost
  • Back tracking might be necessary if you miss some items
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