A game not working correctly is typically a deal-breaker for gamers, especially when it comes to horror games. What about a game that is meant to be broken, however?

Calendula, a indie puzzle game, is sitting prettily in the Steam Greenlight at the moment. With tell-tale red and black accompanied by eerie music, the game describes itself as:

Calendula is an experience. Calendula is a mystery. Calendula is a glass full of blood. Calendula is an experiment. Calendula is an atmospheric game. Calendula is a flower. Calendula is your deepest secret...

Oh my.



Within the mysterious depths of the game await some sort of mystery to be pieced together. The focus is set on simply getting the game to work in the first place and shuffle through the disjointed pieces to come up with...who knows?

At first glance, it looks intriguing, especially for a horror game.

If you agree with us, be sure and vote for Calendula to be greenlit.

We look forward to shattering the fourth wall when Calendula comes... Let us know your thoughts on Calendula's game page, or in the comments section below.

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Amber E. Colyer




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