29 October 2015

The dark, indie horror game Bulb Boy comes mere days before Halloween - and it has great timing. With a pallette of greens and blacks, nightmare-inducing visuals and a lightbulb for a head, things are sure to be interesting.

The titular 'hero' is Bulb Boy, who awakes from a nightmare to find his appropriately shaped and decorated home has been overrun by nightmarish creatures and his family has gone missing. Using the point and click method to solve puzzles and to navigate, Bulb Boy literally has to put his head into surviving.

What is best about this game is its visuals, straight off the bat. They're eerie and oddly charming, with a bit of a Jhonen Vasquez flair tossed in. The world that Bulb Boy inhabits is already a dark and dreary place, much like The Neverhood if it had gotten itself ready for Halloween. 

The puzzles featured are pretty clever, for the most part. A few can drag down the pacing and elicit a groan or two, but the majority of them force players to think outside the box (or bulb, in this case). Bulb Boy has to use his detachable head in most cases, combined with the exploration of the house and item hunting. The monsters you encounter are phenomenally disgusting, even from the get-go. Players will no doubt be questioning what insanity they've embarked on as soon as they begin, in the very best way.

Another nice feature is the quirky sound design. It sounds as though it were composed with delicious, cruel and hilarious thoughts all combining into one - Bulb Boy doesn't even seem to accept this nightmare world, so he'll be emphasizing with the player all through his horrible journey.

Bulbware really did put together a great game: its creepy, funny, unique, clever and twisted, and that is what we love to see at Scared To Play.

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