A child’s fear of the unknown and possibly made-up “Boogeyman” is irrational.

“Go to bed, honey. Monsters aren’t real,” a parent would say to their child.

What if they are real? To Thomas, a little boy who has move into a new house discovers that monsters are indeed real. Aided by a series of tape recordings created by the previous occupant of his room, Thomas picks up his flashlight and fends off the creature of the night, the Boogeyman.


The player must survive the night that will last about 6 hours in-game time. During the night, Thomas will have to flash his flashlight towards the Boogeyman to prevent it from eating him. The Boogeyman has four points of entrance. The first is the closet, then the door, thirdly the vent and lastly the window.


Sound cues like the door creaking open or the windows shifting up will determine which direction the monster is scuttling about. Several factors like the weather outside and various paranormal activities happening in the room will occlude your senses and will become rampant as you get deeper into the nights. For example, if there’s a snow storm outside, you will be able to see the room more clearly, but you won’t be able to distinguish the sounds of the Boogeyman because the storm will drown out everything.



The first three nights are calm but towards the fourth night and onwards, the Boogeyman will change into a more aggressive nature. Coupled by several noises outside and inside the room, hearing the Boogeyman will progressively become harder. The frequency of its attack will also increase as you survive more nights

There are three difficult: Child’s Play (Easy), Medium, and Hard.  I haven’t notice any alterations in the monster’s attack patterns in Easy or Hard mode and from my experience, there isn’t much difference between the difficulties besides the fact that the battery drains much faster in hard mode. There is an extra battery under bed but procuring it is a little tricky because most of the time, if the Boogeyman isn't present, he will be under the bed, bidding his time for a scrumptious meal. In other words, to obtain the battery it must be carefully timed and probably risk the monster opening one of the entrances.


The Scare Factor

The game isn’t scary. I will admit that the Boogeyman’s movements are unnatural so my obvious reaction was “GET THE HELL OUT HERE!” He startled me a few times and then I just continue on with my life. To me, the Boogeyman looks like a demonic naked mole rat that can walk upwards (maybe, it's just me). The Boogeyman would sometimes whisper “I’m hungry” or “need food” and my response is always “I’ll order take out, if you want. My treat.”


Although the threat isn’t as menacing as I hoped it would be, the game relies heavily on ambient sounds and it does add a certain amount of tension, especially on later nights like Night Five.    

Graphics, Bugs, Crashes, Oh My

The graphics aren’t mind blowing but for its purposes, it will do. It does have VR (virtual reality) support but sadly I don’t have access to any VR technology. It’s great the game has it.

I didn’t come across any bugs and it hasn’t crashed yet but when I do not experience problems, I run to the forums and scour for mishaps that might have plagued other players. I’m reading that there are sounds bugs but other than that there aren’t any other reported complications.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, I would wait for a discount. It has a 7.99 USD price tag and that isn’t much but it does get bland quickly. The developers are up front about this and I appreciate the honest. They update their game regularly and show interests in what the player base thinks.

If you’re a diehard Five Nights At Freddy’s fan, and you’re looking for a similar game, Boogeyman might be for you. Otherwise, move on.


Awww, isn't my little demonic naked mole rat cute.


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  • What's Good

  • Decent Ambient Sounds
  • VR support
  • What's Bad

  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Non-threatening enemy
  • In general, the game isn't scary
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