The Black Mirror is a point an click adventure horror game released in 2003. Up until 2010 "Black Mirror" has received two sequels called "Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil" and "Black Mirror III: The Final Fear". The fans have been waiting 7 years for another sequel but it seems like THQ Nordic came back this time with a Black Mirror Reboot. Although fans were waiting on a continuation of the earlier story, they will be able to experience the very first Black Mirror once again with its next-gen graphics. THQ Nordic released a cinematic trailer alongside their announcement which can be seen below.




Since it is a cinematic trailer, it is uncertain how the game will look like outside the handful of image stills on their official website, nor do we know how the game mechanics will be. Will it be a modernized Action Adventure like most new games are? Or will stay THQ Nordic to the roots by keeping it Point and Click?


Black Mirror 2017 Screenshot


The Black Mirror reboot is to be released on 28 November, 2017 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.





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