This review was made while the game was still in its first days of Early Access so, take everything with a grain of salt and make sure to check on its progress.

Visuals and performance

  The game looks great, it's atmosphere looks very dark and involving and all the maps have a distinct look to them. For such an early stage, all the textures look good and the only performance issue I had was a bit of lag on my partner's side when I was hosting the match (or vise versa).


  From the start, there's 4 characters (2 male 2 female) and 2 distinct monsters available for you to play. Each monster has their unique skills and each survivor has their customizable loadout (1 skill, 2 items, a gun, and a flashlight), you're able to unlock better items and skills the further you progress in the game.

  When creating a lobby you'll have the option to choose between either an Egoist, Hunt or Banishment match and you'll have the option to choose between playing the monster with a player or having the AI do the job.

  If you go with the Hunt mode you'll have to charge crystals while trying to outrun the monster (how these crystals work and how you get the pistol to take down the monster is still a mystery to me).
  Egoist was the game mode I had more fun with, you're basically playing against your fellow survivors and your objective is to conquer as many crystals as you can because the survivor with the least crystals will be hunted by the monster.

  Banishment was also one of the best ones for me. You have to gather various items and bring them to a pentagram. Once everything is in place you need to make the monster walk into the pentagram to banish him. This mode was challenging but still fun.

Final Impressions

  Overall, the game shows a lot of potential and the devs are working hand in hand with the community to make something truly great. I'd like to be able to revive my fellow survivors when they're down and it isn't very clear how you get the pistol but the devs say that once the game is complete, there will be at least 10 game modes, 15 maps, 8 monsters, 10 gadgets, 8 weapons, and 10 hunter skills so, I'm sure that these minor issues will be fixed.
  We can´t wait to see how Beyond Senses is going to shape up with future updates and we'll be sure to re-review it once a full version comes out.



Beyond Senses

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  • What's Good

  • Great atmosphere
  • The maps are very different from one another
  • The design of the monsters looks great
  • What's Bad

  • The is lacks some essential mechanics when compared to the other titles in the genre
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