Don’t like mannequins? Don’t worry. They’re not fond of you either.

               Late Night Shop, a VR game currently in its pre-alpha state, has opened the floor to a retail killing frenzy with you, the hapless player, stuck in a shop full of murderous mannequins.

               At its current state, Late Night Shop is obviously incomplete and a bit buggy, but also free and available in both a VR and non-VR state. It does require the Oculus DK2 to function, however.

               So, a new developer has thrown their hat into that Weeping Angels phobia. A mix of SCP Containment Breach and Condemned: Criminal Origins in VR – sounds thrilling!

               It will be interesting to see what new additions and changes come before the game is finally ready to make its debut. The concept has been a bit overdone and not many games have that cringe-whimper factor like SCP-173 snapping your neck the moment you look away.

               SCP-173 is also much more fabulous than any beauty mannequin, no?

               Teasing aside, the game does look like it holds some promise from the small amount of gameplay we at Scared To Play have seen thus far. The uncertainty principle has already been taken away, thus the horror is already accidentally dulled; unfortunate, given that Late Night Shop even went through the trouble of implementing a blinking mechanic. Players will already know what the threat is and how to combat it, though.

               Unless the developer throws something new at us? A mannequin stealing your face would be a nice change of pace (though admittedly hard to animate).

               Macabre sense of humor aside, we are all looking forward to being trapped in the snazzy shop with the murderous fashion police. If you are interested, be sure and check out Late Night Shop early.


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Amber E. Colyer




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