Yes indeed, YOU again... Allison Road. (All of the articals photo credits goes to the team behind Allison Road)


That's right everyone! Confirmed today (08/22/2016) at 1PM EST Allison Road had been confirmed revived by the developers themselves. Stating on their Facebook page that they have officially relaunched under a different producing brand called Far From Home Productions which Christian Kesler, creator of Allison Road has co-founded with his wife. No longer chained to Team 17, Kesler now has taken 100% of the project onto himself and Lilith Games, the team behind the game. You can read more about this on their Facebook page or visit IGN's exclusive interview with Kesler himself.

Got any idea what's to come? Hoping for something specific from Allison Road? Let us know below... Hopefully we see more development on Allison Road as the countdown clock has now officially been reset. Stay tuned for more with Scared to Play.




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