Kickstarter has been a platform for bringing a lot of interesting video games to life. Now, it is bringing together horror experts from all over the industry to create the beautiful, terrifying majesty that is Allison Road.

A PT-like experience with optional Oculus support, talented individuals have come together to create Lilith. The many rewards of the Kickstarter allow for an access to Allison Road upon its release and successful funding on the PS4,Xbox One and PC.


Allison Road Girl


For horror fans, this gorgeous looking game is an incredible show of horror kicking off harder than ever. With the release of games like SOMA from Frictional Games and indie games popping up with some incredible potential. Back in June they released a Prototype gameplay trailer which looked stunning! For the people who haven't seen it yet, you can see it below.



Check out the kickstarter campaign.

We are absolutely shivering with excitement.

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Amber E. Colyer




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