Ah, I'm at it again.. Every time when I'm not sure what to play I tend to think about P.T. Now what's sad is that not everyone had the privilege to have tried it, maybe you have a few busy months? Maybe you didn't own a PS4 yet? Because even if you do hve time now, or do have ps4 now, P.T. has been pulled from the psn store.


P.T. Pulled from psn


I know most of you that couldn't play it already saw it on YouTube, but I feel that this is the incorrect way to experience this game. This is because the game is so extremely good at pulling you in its world, but the only way that it can do this is when you are holding the controller.


P.T. Scary Woman


To beat P.T. you have to do two things, first of all you have to let it scary you. No.. I'm serious, you are walking in this endless cycle of time but you are not allowed to proceed through the next cycle until you found all the clues that the game wanted you to find.

This is one of the reasons why P.T. is so good at dragging you into its world, it is because it is literally forcing you to focus yourself on interacting with the stuff around you, from the first cycle you will already notice that the atmosphere around you feels so real. You will also see that it has a lot of creepy places like; the balcony above (thinking about it makes my hair come up straight!), the locked bathroom door, the creepy radio, the weirdly looking pictures,...


P.T. Creepy things


But it's not always that easy to let the game scary you, because some of it's "puzzles" can be difficult to find and you may end up with spamming the use button on everything that you can see. But if you do find something, hold your heart before actually clicking on the use button.


The second thing that you have to do to beat P.T. is... overcoming your own fear. Yes, the game is that terrifying that I caught myself pausing the game every now and then to catch my breath!


It is still very sad that Konami decided to cancel Silent Hill (which is what this P.T. [Playable Teaser] was for). Konami has had a lot of negative feedback the past few weeks from its fans, specially now with that Hideo Kojima incident.

If you have a friend that has a PS4, ask him if he installed P.T., if he did and you didn't spoil all the fun yet by watching YouTube Videos, I highly recommend you to play it!

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