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This game honestly felt more of a noir puzzle game rather than anything horror based. It's a game that takes place in 1920s America during the Great Depression. You get into a car accident and wake up injured outside of a large home. Seeking aid, you go inside the home to find a telephone or perhaps the resident to get the help you need.

Instead you're greeted by an unsettling mansion haunted by ghosts; some of which help and others kill. It's a puzzle game in which most of it stems on finding Macguffin A to activate Plot Device B. There is a story that unfolds but it's rather unimaginative. The style in which the game is presented is unique in theory but fails in execution.

The entire game is in black and white and while that itself isn't bad, it makes solving some of the puzzles much more difficult than it should be. A design choice that was surely done on purpose, but it can still be rather frustrating most of the time as there are no indications as to what can be interacted with and what cannot. Some things are nearly impossible to clearly make out and so it's rather easy to scan over something and not realize that what you need is out in the center of the room you may find yourself in.

This game definitely could have been a rather terrifying and exciting adventure but due to a lack of implementing the art direction well and a rather unoriginal backstory, the game falls a bit flat.

  • Scary 0.5/5

  • Jumpscare 0/5

  • Gamescore 0/5

02 Jun, 2015