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Is SCP Containment Breach Scary? ScaredToPlay - Scary Horror Games

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FrancisHatesYou 1 review

This is one of the scariest games I've played. All the enemies are very unique and each behave a specific way, they feel very fresh and interesting. No boring zombie patrolmen like the ones in games such as Amnesia or Outlast. You'll constantly be on edge and on the lookout for the various monsters that'll ruin your day if you mess up. The world is randomly generated too so no two playthroughs are quite the same. If you can get past the mediocre visuals, it's definitely a game you should check out. It's free, too!

  • Scary 4/5

  • Jumpscare 3/5

  • Gamescore 0/5

14 Jan, 2016