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Normally pure walking simulators are a huge turn-off for me, but I'll make an exception for the horror genre. After all, haunted house tours are a wonderful tradition and video games are a perfect medium to present the experience of being scared in a well-choreographed series of frights.

The Park is just such an experience, a digital haunted house whose presentation has a foot just firmly enough in reality that its cliche concept (a Silent Hill 1 "Find your child" mixed with just about every Haunted Amusement Park creepypasta on the web) comes off as fresh and interesting enough to keep you playing.

For a low-budget production based on the engine of an MMO, the game looks great, with the lighting effects deserving specific mention. The character model for the player character is especially noteworthy for looking so damn 80's that the period is easily established without a single title card.

As a haunted house experience, The Park lives and dies on its individual moments of fright and I'm pleased to report that most of them are rock solid. Without spoiling anything, I will say that only a handful come off as trite or overblown but the game's short length and tight pacing keep you moving along quickly enough that you'll only remember the good ones. As the game progresses, the scares grow more and more overt and climax in a wonderfully spine-chilling sequence that I think beats P.T. at its own game.

Finally I'll touch briefly on the plot. In standard walking simulator fashion, the plot is presented through environmental exploration and narration during the "walking" parts. I mentioned the cliche premise earlier but I'm pleased to say that the game does have some curveballs in this regard. The script and voice-acting, particularly of the narration segments, is very competently done. The ending is a tad confusing and if I'm being straightforward, unsatisfying, but again the short length of the experience see it through.

The Park is essentially a wonderfully produced play-through of a high-tier creepypasta and I absolutely recommend grabbing it to any horror fan looking to fill an evening.

  • Scary 4/5

  • Jumpscare 2/5

  • Gamescore 4.3/5

27 Dec, 2015