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BeckleSpeckle 6 reviews

The thing about this game is that while it is technically horror, I remember it much more for the philosophical and emotional aspects. If people go into this seeking a terrifying horror game, you will be disappointed. If you go in with an open, curious mind...well all I can say is brace yourself.

Just when you think you have it figured out, a new concept is presented and you have to reshuffle your thoughts on what is going on. I cannot recall a game where I was last invested into the main character this much. It creeps up on you. The atmosphere is superb, there are moments that both take your breath away and get your heart racing.

I was speechless when finished, was not expecting such a punch. I am still reeling from this game and it has been well over a month now. Soma lingers in the best way possible.

  • Scary 4/5

  • Jumpscare 1/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

27 Jan, 2016

Madeleine 6 reviews

Been waiting for the game to release like for 2 years, done playing thru the whole game in about 3 days. New amazing experience of travelling underwater and experiencing super technology. I really enjoyed this game.

  • Scary 3/5

  • Jumpscare 2/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

07 Jan, 2016

Lion 6 reviews

I'm incredibly disappointed, of course I'm used to Outlast on the hardest difficulty (one of my favorite games ever). Amnesia and penumbra were great when they came out so I expected a lot from SOMA, sadly enough it just wasn't scary.

There were too many sounds, a thing a horror game needs next to great sound and music is silence. That might sound weird but I never really felt scared, there were always sounds of water or some kind of music in the background at the moments where I needed complete silence to get my heart raising.

Of course the game had some scary moments. but it just couldn't live up to any other "recent" horror games (Amnesia, Penumbra, Outlast (whistleblower) , PT or even Until Dawn).

I guess it's just me who expected way too much, but my friend and I were really looking forward to playing this game.

PS. Yes, we did play it in a dark room with headset and stuff, we really love horror games but this game just didn't make it on our list.

  • Scary 1/5

  • Jumpscare 0/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

25 Oct, 2015

OCMS22 6 reviews

SOMA is a psychological horror game set in the future. Most of civilization has been destroyed aside from the members of PATHOS-II, an underwater remote research facility. Without spoiling too much, I dare say that this story line is "deep".

The gameplay is EXTREMELY immersive and storyline is both captivating and heartfelt. The entire time playing this game I felt alone and full of dread (something difficult for most "horror" games to accomplish)

From start to finish i was confused, scared, and on edge. "Combat" is more "HOLY SHIT RUN!!!!!" leaving you scared to run past that next corner. enemies are scarce but the few I encountered chilled me to the core. Just looking at the enemies can "drain" your health. If an enemy touches you 3 times, Game Over.

The story is... well... GOOD! Amnesia and Penumbra had lacking stories (for me anyhow) but SOMA is wonderful! I played for hours not wanting to stop until I knew what was going on!!! This game pulls you in and will not let go.

The graphics are very good. Not amazing, but good. Textures seem to come and go and the lighting can be a little off at times. Picking up an object sometimes would give me that horrible "glitch" ragdoll effect reminisce of "elder scrolls" that immediately took all the creepy atmosphere of the game away.

Also the lack of direction in the game was disappointing. I don't like spending 20 minutes in a room trying to find something when its in a place where I would have never guessed to have looked here or there. I would have liked to have seen a hint or two after about 10 - 15 minutes.

Overall this game is amazing. Kept me on edge from start to finish and kept me entertained and creeped out. Is it "Horror"? Well, to me, no. But it was enough for me to want to play again.

Gameplay - 8
Atmosphere - 10
Controls - 9
Visuals - 7.5

-About 12 hours gameplay time
-X-box controller support
-1 player
-No online
-Steam Achievements

-Review By OCMS22-

  • Scary 2.5/5

  • Jumpscare 0/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

10 Oct, 2015

Tehgya 6 reviews

started playing SOMA since a few days ago and it has been amazing and quite scary!

  • Scary 4/5

  • Jumpscare 0/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

30 Sep, 2015

YouTabier 6 reviews

From the developers of Amnesia, we finally get the game that we deserve after the machine for pigs failure.

SOMA arrived, and it delivers! The graphics are clearly upgraded and the story is very fascinating.

But the atmosphere is where it really manages to get my hair straight!

Definitely recommended for every amnesia and horror fan!

  • Scary 4/5

  • Jumpscare 2.5/5

  • Gamescore 5/5

30 Sep, 2015