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A redesign of the previously released ZombiU (For the WiiU). The next-gen version features graphical tweaks and improvements and will be available for the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4

  • Scary 10%
  • Jump 19%
  • Score 65%

White Night

A third-person survival horror game that melds aspects of both horror and noir themes together.

  • Scary 25%
  • Jump 9%
  • Score 68%

We Happy Few

From the independent studio that brought you Contrast, We Happy Few is an action/adventure game set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England. Hide, fight and conform your way out of this delusional, Joy-obsessed world.

  • Scary 0%
  • Jump 32%
  • Score 0%


Released in Japan as デッドハウス 再生 (Dead House Saisei), this Survival Horror mixes old-school looks and gameplay with RPG elements. Developed by Rainy Frog.

  • Scary 32%
  • Jump 5%
  • Score 0%

The Walking Dead

Presenting an original story in the same universe as the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is a five-part adventure game from Telltale that follows the story of a convicted murderer, his guardianship over a young girl, and his co-operation with a roaming group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.

  • Scary 20%
  • Jump 9%
  • Score 0%

The Long Dark

A first person survival adventure simulation set in a post-disaster environment in the Northern American wilderness. Developed by Hinterland Studios Inc.

  • Scary 53%
  • Jump 39%
  • Score 0%

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Very spooky. Great mechanics.

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Absolutely horrifying game and a nod to Lovecraftian horror. Wish more similar games came out.

  • Scary

  • Jump

  • Score

You'll never know

Too spooky for you.

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