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Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person, open world game set in a zombie apocalypse. The player character is able to free-run to get around the environment quickly.

  • Scary 49%
  • Jump 37%
  • Score 75%

Resident Evil 6

The technically eighth entry in the popular horror series features the return of leading protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, along with new character Jake Muller, to combat against the latest B.O.W. manufacturer Neo-Umbrella.

  • Scary 27%
  • Jump 30%
  • Score 67%

Left 4 Dead 2

Four new survivors must work together to make it through the zombie apocalypse in the Southern United States, facing new threats and traversing new terrain as they fight their way through this sequel to Valve's critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead.

  • Scary 27%
  • Jump 5%
  • Score 89%

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead puts players in the role of one of four survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Survivors will depend on co-operation to get from one safe house to another, while facing hordes of "Infected", four of which can be controlled by human players in certain game modes.

  • Scary 36%
  • Jump 9%
  • Score 89%

Zombie Panic! Source

A classic zombie outbreak game where survivors must fight off an attacking zombie horde.

  • Scary 29%
  • Jump 29%
  • Score 0%

Resident Evil: Outbreak - File #2

The second Resident Evil title to feature online multiplayer, Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 adds a number of new features and five all new scenarios to the familiar formula.

  • Scary 0%
  • Jump 0%
  • Score 0%

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Very spooky. Great mechanics.

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Absolutely horrifying game and a nod to Lovecraftian horror. Wish more similar games came out.

  • Scary

  • Jump

  • Score

You'll never know

Too spooky for you.

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